Food & Beverage magazine - Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze

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Food & Beverage magazine - Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze

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One of the secrets that makes the blends of “Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze” is the slow and artisan roasting, which allows the perfect caramelization of the sugars present within the bean, giving the coffee a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. After roasting, cooling takes place separately for each single origin. This method ensures that the coffee retains distinct nuances of aromas and flavors, which are subsequently balanced to obtain perfect harmony in the cup. Our coffees can be paired with vanilla-based desserts, sweet, soft cheeses and passion fruit-based tarts. The brand “Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze” offers a product of excellence worthy of its name, offering a sensory experience that seduces with shades of flavors and aromatic notes. Through direct controls on the entire production chain, from the cultivation of the raw material to the delivery in the cup, we take care of every detail with love and passion, creating blends of the highest quality. Nowadays “Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze” is exporting its products in 20 countries around the world.

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