Turkish Cimabue - Florentine Masters Line 250 g

  • Ground Coffee

  • 250 g pack

  • Artisan Coffee - Made In Italy

  • Afterstaste: spicy and floral notes, with hints of jam

  • Delicate taste

  • 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta


TURKISH CIMABUE - Florentine Masters Line 250 g

Ground coffee, delicate taste


Data sheet

aftertaste: spicy and floral notes, jam

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250 G BAG

Each bag contains 250 g of ground coffee.


Our blends are made with the artisanal method in Italian roasting companies.


Our ground coffees are the result of the roasting of fine coffee blends.


This ground coffee has a unique taste characterized by delicate spicy and floral notes and hints of jam, the result of a perfectly balanced blend.



Turkish coffee, consumed mainly in the Middle East and Greece but also in the Balkan countries, requires that the grinding of the coffee bean to be very fine, almost as impalpable as icing sugar. Tradition has it that it is prepared in the “cezve”, the typical copper and brass jug with a long handle, but a metal saucepan can also be used. It should then be drunk in small, shallow cups, when the coffee powder is completely settled.

Our “Turkish” ground coffee is perfectly suited to the purpose and allows you to prepare a coffee in the best Middle Eastern tradition. Its dense body and its spicy and seductive notes recall scents of distant countries. The blend contains only Arabica varieties from South America and Ethiopia, which give the Turkish ground coffee strong floral notes and a hint of jam, with a perfect balance and a delicate flavour.

A well-known saying goes, "a good Turkish coffee can be remembered for forty years".

The packaging with the freshness-saving valve maintains the product despite consumption over time.


The slow and artisanal roasting allows the perfect caramelization of the sugars present within the bean, giving the coffee a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. After roasting, cooling takes place separately for each single origin.

This method ensures that the coffee retains distinct nuances of aromas and flavours, which are subsequently balanced to obtain perfect harmony in the cup.


Aromatic coffee with spicy and floral notes and hints of jam.

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