Pod Box "Intenso" pods 100 pcs


LUXURY paper pods 100 pieces

Artisan Gourmet Coffee Blend

Aftertaste: cinnamon, citrus, dried fruit

Fruity taste

70% Arabica - 30% Robusta


Give free rein to your passion for coffee with our Intense Taste coffee paper pods, which offer a deep and enveloping taste experience. Each pod carefully encloses our exclusive Artisan Gourmet Coffee Blend, guaranteeing a sensorial journey through a mix of intense flavours.

The aftertaste of cocoa, toasted cereals, rum and almonds come together in a harmony of complex flavors, creating a coffee experience that stimulates the senses and delights the palate. The intensity of this blend gives an extraordinary richness to every cup, transforming your coffee moment into a special occasion.

Our Gusto Intenso coffee paper pods are perfect for those looking for a coffee that goes beyond expectations, offering a bold combination of aromas that blend into a symphony of taste. The quality paper preserves the freshness of the blend, ensuring that each cup is an intensely satisfying experience.

Experience the intensity of coffee like never before with our Gusto Intenso coffee paper pods, because the true coffee enthusiast deserves a taste that meets his highest expectations.


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