Ground Green Coffee with spirulina algae and safflower - Ginger


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- 125 gr pack

- Ginger flavour

- Blend of ground natural Green Coffee with spirulina algae and safflower

- Benefits of Green Coffee: regulation of metabolism, blood glucose control, antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory action, slow absorption of caffeine, lower level of acidity compared to traditionale coffee, slimming effect

- Dosing: 4 gr of product for 250 ml of water

- Preparation: boil the water together with the Green Coffee, drink the liquid extract during the day

Energy, power, focus

Slimming, antioxidant, regulates the metabolism

Green Coffee by Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze is suitable for the preparation of hot tisanes and cold drinks, it is also perfect for alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails.


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Green Coffee

Flavor: Ginger

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Each pack contains 125 gr of ground Green Coffee.


Our blends are are the result of the search for the highest quality, without chemical additives or sugars.


Blend for the preparation of infusions based on Green Coffee, suitable for tisanes and hot or cold drinks.


Green Coffee 70%.
Flavour: GINGER.
It combines the taste and properties of ginger with the slimming effects of Green Coffee.



Green Coffee is a type of non-roasted Arabica quality coffee, with which excellent tisanes are created for weight loss. In fact, this coffee has the reputation of being a perfect slimming food thanks to the substances contained in the beans.

Find out the advantages of green coffee: it is an antioxidant, a support for weight and stimulates in a bettere way than regulare coffee!

Green coffee is the result of a different processing of coffee seeds. In fact, these seeds are simply dried, rather than roasted.

  • It differs from traditional roasted coffee for:
  • appearance, as the seeds retain their green color
  • aroma and flavour
  • nutritional characteristics

Both green and regular coffee contain caffeine, but drying allows the maintenance of chlorogenic acid, present in high quantities in coffee beans and destroyed by roasting.

Not only that, green coffee has a PH around 5, while roasted coffee is much more acidic (3-3.5 ph).

In addition, green coffee is a good phytocomplex: in addition to chlorogenic acid, it contains ferulic acid, tannic acid, quinic acid; there are also B vitamins, minerals and polyphenols.


Green coffee is an antioxidant 4 times more powerful than green tea, thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid. In fact, it neutralizes the free radicals present in the human body, counteracting cellular degeneration.

Green coffee is rich in methylxanthines (including caffeine), natural molecules that speed up metabolism, increasing the percentage of fat burned.

In addition, green coffee slows the release of glucose into the blood, reducing the body's absorption of sugars. Green coffee emphasizes the effect of diets or physical activity, but used alone it does not make you lose weight!


In green coffee, caffeine is associated with chlorogenic acid. This results in a slower absorption of caffeine but also more continuous, without sudden changes. For this reason, green coffee, while containing less caffeine than black coffee, has a better effect: it increases concentration and endurance, therefore it is recommended for students and athletes.

To our blend of natural Green Coffee we have also added spirulina algae (stimulates the immune system, has natural antiviral properties, improves blood pressure) and safflower (lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disorders and arteriosclerosis).


Green coffee can be comfortably prepared at home with just a few steps:

  • Heat a container of water to at least 80 ° together with the green coffee powder (4 g of product per 250 ml of water)
  • Leave to infuse for a few minutes, filter and drink

Remember that like all exciting drinks, it should be taken in moderation.

Integrate Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze Green Coffee into your diet and discover all its benefits!

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