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Lower level of acidity

Boil the water together with the mixture, drink the liquid extract of green coffee throughout the day
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Our caffeinated Green coffee capsules and pods are similar in quality to Arabica coffee, but are produced using a dry-process technique that ensures the powerful antioxidant chlorogenic acid remains intact. Like herbal teas, but four times more powerful, Green coffee is known for its health benefits and natural slimming properties. And many people prefer the taste of Green coffee to regular coffee. In fact, Green coffee is superior to regular coffee for its aroma, flavor, organic properties, and appearance (the beans remain green because they aren’t roasted). Green coffee also contains a ph value of 5, whereas regular coffee contains a ph level of around 3. And in addition to polyphenols like chlorogenic acid, Green coffee contains ferulic acid, tannic acid, quinic acid, B vitamins, and minerals. The resulting coffee is a uniform and consistent, with a clean taste of complex layered fruit that cannot be replicated by wet-processed coffee. 


Chlorogenic acid is perhaps the most innovative phytochemical because it neutralizes free radicals present in the human body and protects against cellular degeneration, oxidative stress, and aging


By regulating lipid metabolism and glucose levels in the blood, chlorogenic acid reduces the body’s assimilation and absorption of sugar, which protects against diabetes and assists with weight-loss. Methylxanthine boosts metabolism, increases the body’s ability to burn fat, and protects against fluid retention.


Compared to black coffee, Green coffee contains much higher levels of chlorogenic acid, and significantly lower levels of caffeine. The naturally occurring stimulant methylxanthine ensures the continuous release and absorption of caffeine, prolonging concentration, resistance, and performance. 

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