Caffè Ponte Vecchio

About Us

he CPF brand reveals the essence of Florence, its treasures and places of extraordinary beauty such as Pontevecchio, which for centuries has been home to the city’s most luxurious goldsmith shops where luxury is synonomous with dreams, exclusivity and selection. In the same way, CPF offers an outstanding product worthy of its name.

CPF is a sensory experience that seduces with its unique nuances of flavor and aromatic notes. Our artisanal roasters have developed almost alchemical ability to create incredibly complex and balanced flavors .

With direct control over the entire production chain, from the cultivation of raw materials to delivery in the cup, we take care of every detail with love and passion to create the highest quality blends.

One of our secrets is a particularly gentle roasting process of each single origin, which caramelizes the beans without letting them burn. This roasting method gives the coffee equilibrium, a pleasant acidity and multiple combinations of flavors such as fruit, honey, citrus, chocolate and vanilla.

The subsequent cooling phase takes place separately for each variety. This method ensures the conservation of the coffee’s distinct aromas and flavors -- harmonious, balanced and evident in the cup.

Our idea is to create blends that strike a perfect balance between strength and delicacy, able to travel through the senses evoking the contrasting qualities in each of us.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Our values​​ include a love of tradition, art and culture, elegant simplicity, social and eco-sustainability, gender equality.

Taste the difference.