Terms and conditions of use


These general purchase conditions are governed by Italian law and in particular by Legislative Decree 70/2003 relating to electronic commerce and by Legislative Decree 206/2005 with specific reference to legislation on distance contracts.


These General Purchase Conditions apply to any sale concluded between the Customer and PNP Group s.r.l. and carried out through the Website www.caffepontevecchiofirenze.com or another domain owned or through which PNP Group s.r.l. carries out its business and / or by telephone / fax communication. Sending an order implies acceptance by the Customer of these General Purchase Conditions. In this case, by confirming the sending of an order, the Customer explicitly declares that the purchases concluded with PNP Group s.r.l. they are carried out for personal consumption purposes or intended for consumption as part of one's professional or commercial activity (office, shop, etc.). Otherwise it will be the Customer's responsibility to communicate in advance to PNP Group s.r.l. in writing. the intention to purchase the products on the site (s) for commercial intermediation purposes. Subsequent changes to the same or new purchase conditions will be effective from the time of publication on the Site (s) and will be applied only to sales concluded after publication.

Contract formalization

All contracts through the site (s) are concluded after registering the customer's personal data in the appropriate section and processed according to the current privacy legislation. All purchase orders sent to PNP Group s.r.l. they must be exactly completed in all their parts and must contain the elements necessary for the exact identification of the products ordered as well as the place of delivery of the products. The customer explicitly declares to have read and understood all the information contained in the specific pages of each individual product page, or the product data sheets and not just the summaries contained in the summaries or descriptions of the categories. The contract will be considered concluded, and will be binding for both parties, when the purchase order confirmation is sent to the customer. This order confirmation will be sent by email or fax and will contain a summary of the order placed. PNP Group s.r.l. reserves the right not to accept incomplete or not duly completed orders. PNP Group s.r.l. also reserves the right (in its full discretion) not to accept / fulfill orders and / or exclude customers from reiterating orders whose good end has been compromised for responsibilities not directly attributable to PNP Group s.r.l.

Availability of products in the catalog

The Customer explicitly acknowledges that the availability of products indicated on the site may not correspond to the actual availability in warehouse for reasons of synchrony between the different sales channels of PNP Group srl. By virtue of this PNP Group srl reserves the right to verify the effective availability of the products ordered electronically by the Customer and if they are unavailable, it will be the responsibility of the PNP Group s.r.l. promptly notify the Customer at the contact details provided and possibly proceed with a full or partial refund. The Customer will not have the right to take advantage of PNP Group s.r.l. for the unavailability of the products ordered electronically. All the products in the catalog are represented by means of graphic images resulting from digital processing, therefore for all the products in the catalog the relatively shown images are represented with the only non-binding illustrative purpose from the contractual point of view. In the case of products where the aesthetic particularity prevails over the functional purpose, the Customer will have the right to request PNP Group s.r.l. sending photos of the product electronically only before the conclusion of the contract or placing the order.

Shipping, timing, packaging and delivery methods

PNP Group s.r.l. PNP Group s.r.l. will send the ordered products to the Customer in the manner described above, by express couriers and / or trusted forwarders. will undertake to process orders within the times and in the manner indicated on the site (s) within 24 hours, maximum 48 hours from the telematic or telephone reception of the order, and in the methods eventually left to the customer to choose according to the tariff profile, however the choice of the type of service or the carrier in charge is always and in any case the decision of PNP Group srl . It is understood that it will be the customer's responsibility to verify the correctness of the data contained in the order confirmation sent by PNP Group s.r.l. to the client. Any objective inconvenience such as strikes, transport suspensions, etc. will constitute force majeure and PNP Group s.r.l. will make shipments as soon as possible. Shipping times are indicated on the site (s) and refer to goods ready in our warehouses. The indication of these times is purely indicative and not binding at the conclusion of the order, any delays will in no way justify the cancellation or give rise to requests for compensation for any direct or indirect damages by the buyer. In the case of the use of express courier equipped with a system for tracking the shipment (tracking), as this system is exclusively relevant to the carrier, PNP Group s.r.l. is not liable for any anomalies that may occur during delivery monitoring. The shipping costs of the goods are charged to the customer under the conditions expressed on the site (s) in the appropriate section "Shipping costs" or equivalent. The delivery of the Products is subject to payment by the Customer of the relative price with the means of payment chosen from those made available on the site (s) by PNP Group srl. It is the Customer's obligation to verify the integrity of the goods upon delivery before signing the waybill. Once the courier's waybill has been signed, it will not be possible to contest any tampering or damage to the goods delivered. The goods are delivered by PNP Group s.r.l. by using a standard express courier service, excluding services considered accessories such as, for example, non-limiting: insurance on goods, delivery by appointment or in mandatory time slots, delivery to floors and delivery during holidays. Conditions and terms of delivery other than those provided in the General Conditions of Sale must be agreed in advance between the Customer and PNP Group s.r.l. and accepted by the latter through the order confirmation sent by email. The tax documentation (invoice, DDT and / or receipt) is released by PNP Group s.r.l. by e-mail and / or by means of delivery note or accompanying invoice physically included in the package or in any case it will be delivered subsequently upon customer request

The indication by PNP Group s.r.l. of time references for the delivery times by the Express Courier in any part of the site or sites are considered purely indicative and not binding from a contractual point of view, they are also considered merely indicative and obviously take into consideration only weekdays. For reasons of integrity and protection of the traveling goods, PNP Group s.r.l. reserves the right to repackage products intended for transport in multiple or single packs to the extent it deems appropriate, always guaranteeing the Customer the actual quantity of product ordered. It remains the Customer's option to indicate, when ordering, the need to receive the goods expressly packaged as per order.

Responsibility of PNP Group s.r.l.

PNP Group s.r.l. assumes no responsibility for disservices attributable due to force majeure of any nature and kind, if it fails to execute the contract within the agreed time. Force majeure, by way of example and not limited to, are the provisions of the Public Authority, the strike by its employees or by the carriers of which PNP Group s.r.l. makes use, as well as any other circumstance that is beyond the control of the latter.

Right of Withdrawal - Rules for execution

To whom it applies: The Community legislation provides that the Right of Withdrawal, regulated pursuant to the Consumer Code, DL 206 of 06-09-2005, can only be exercised by natural persons who act for purposes that can be considered unrelated to their commercial activity. How to exercise: The Right of Withdrawal is exercised by sending, within 10 working days, a written communication to the geographical address of the supplier's office by registered letter with return receipt. The communication can be sent, within the same term, also by telegram, or fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the following 48 hours, in accordance with art. 64, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree n. 206 of 06-09-2005. For your convenience, the customer can send the same communication together with the registered letter to the e-mail address: info@pnpgroup.it

Conditions to which the right of withdrawal is subject:

A) The purchased product must be returned intact and in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (packaging, any additional packaging inside the product packaging, any paper or non-paper documentation, accessories, manuals or instructions for use); to limit damage to the original packaging it is recommended, if the conditions exist, to put it in an additional box. It is also recommended not to put any adhesive label on the original packaging. B) The shipment of the product, until effective delivery by the carrier to PNP Group s.r.l., proven by a specific delivery document, is under the full responsibility of the Customer.

Return of the goods:

The product must be returned to PNP Group s.r.l. within 7 working days from the communication of withdrawal, the Customer at his own expense will ship the goods to the address established on the spot:

Refund method:

Within 30 working days from the receipt of the goods PNP Group s.r.l. will refund the Customer the corresponding amount of the value of the goods resulting from the sales invoice subject to withdrawal. The aforementioned amount will not include shipping costs in accordance with art. 67 paragraph 3 and paragraph 4 of the Ddl n.206 of 06-09-2005. For all refunds, payment will be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer after the Customer has communicated his bank details.

When the Right of Withdrawal lapses:

The Right of Withdrawal lapses totally due to the lack of the essential condition of product integrity in the case upon receipt of the returned goods PNP Group srl ascertain: - damage to the product - even partial use of the product - the evident lack or damage of the original packaging - the absence of integral elements of the product or damage to the same

Customer's obligations

The Customer undertakes to print and keep these General Purchase Conditions; the information contained in the General Conditions of Purchase must be viewed and accepted by the Customer before sending the purchase order, in order to fully satisfy the condition referred to in Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999. Acceptance takes place by continuing the order and clicking on the appropriate "accept" button or equivalent on the site when ordering or by implicit acceptance by telephone order. Failing this, the order cannot be executed. For all orders made by phone / mail / fax the conditions of sale are understood to be implicitly accepted.

Product warranties

For products, the European guarantee exists and covers defects and / or manufacturing defects by the manufacturer, in no case does the coverage of the warranty extend to malfunctions due to normal use and normal wear and tear of the product or its components. Communications of any anomalies on the products received must be made, within 3 days from the delivery date, at the addresses indicated on the site (s) and the product must be returned by means of the customer or at the customer's expense to the Laboratories or Warehouses of the PNP Group s.r.l. who will replace and / or repair the damage at their own expense. The costs of returning the product will be borne by PNP Group s.r.l. Any liability of PNP Group s.r.l. is excluded regarding the bad condition of the products due to inadequate storage after delivery.


Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the contract stipulated online by the Customer with PNP Group srl, is subjected to the Italian jurisdiction; the Court of Florence is competent for any controversy between the parties.

Applicable law and postponement The contracts concluded online by the Customer with PNP Group s.r.l. are regulated by Italian law; although not expressly provided herein, the laws applicable to the relationships and cases provided for in the contract stipulated online by the Customer with PNP Group s.r.l. Pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Customer declares that he has carefully read and expressly accepts these General Purchase Conditions of PNP Group s.r.l.