Discover the perfect drink for your physical well-being.
Green Coffee is a perfect food with a slimming effect: it regulates metabolism, helps diuresis, reduces fat.

Green Coffee is an unroasted coffee with which excellent tisanes are prepared, perfect for physical well-being.

Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze has added spirulina algae to its green coffee formula, which stimulates the immune system, has natural antiviral properties, improves blood pressure, and safflower, which lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disorders and arteriosclerosis.

Thanks to its versatility it can be consumed both hot and cold, or used as a base for excellent alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Suitable for athletes who need an extra charge of energy and for anyone who wants to keep the body weight under control.

It regulates metabolism, helps diuresis and reduces fat.

This coffee has the reputation of being an excellent slimming food, thanks to the substances contained in it.
Green Coffee is an antioxidant four times more powerful than green tea due to the presence of chlorogenic acid.

Thanks to it, Green Coffee by Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze neutralizes the free radicals present in the human body, counteracting cellular degeneration.

Among the benefits of Green Coffee we find:

  • regulation of metabolism
  • blood glucose control
  • antioxidant action
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • slow absorption of caffeine
  • lower level of acidity compared to traditionale coffee
  • slimming effect

Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze takes care of your body.

Green Coffe by Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze is rich in methylxanthines, natural molecules that speed up metabolism, increasing the percentage of fat burned.

In addition, Green Coffee by caffè Pontevecchio Firenze regulates blood sugar, slowing the release of glucose into the blood and reducing the body's absorption of sugars.

It accelerates the metabolism: in Green Coffee by Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze, caffeine is associated with chlorogenic acid. This results in a slower but also more continuous absorption of caffeine, without sudden spikes.

For this reason Green Coffee by Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze, while containing less caffeine than roasted coffee, has a better effect.

It increases concentration and endurance, emphasizes the effect  of diet and physical activity. 

Choose Green Coffee by Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze to better face your days.