The founder A.P. living near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, every morning overlooking the balcony of his apartment he could appreciate the beauty of the arches of the Uffizi, the same Old Bridge and the other monuments of this wonderful city.

Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze

Every morning, as a timely appointment, the same question always arose within him: will all the people in the world be able to enjoy these wonders? The answer was obvious, it would never have been possible.

His dream was to enclose all that art within a single element in order to offer all people an unforgettable emotion. Everything seemed to him realized when one night he dreamed of this name: "Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze".

Hence the search for the highest quality raw materials, going personally to the places of cultivation, refining the techniques of selection and transformation. At the sight of those immense extensions of coffee plantations, he could not imagine how all that nature could be enclosed in plastic or similar containers.


After a lot of research he managed to find a company with the same production principles: to produce without polluting, and it was then that from that close collaboration he managed to create a capsule made entirely of tree cellulose, 100% biocomposable.

From this principle was born the phrase "nature within nature" - A.P. He created an expert team of young roasters who besides having great

experience in the sector also had the passion to always travel in search of the best qualities of coffee.

Along these journeys, they began to interact with the locals and the owners of the farms, starting to discover the secrets for choosing the perfect grain.

The founder together with his team began to select the plantations that did not treat the product with preservatives and pesticides, which processed the coffee within 24 hours of harvesting with natural methods.

After the frantic search for high quality, he thought that even a beautiful dress was as necessary as the content, the search for the dress was a very simple step, he was inspired by the black of the earth and the gold that is sold in the goldsmith shops of Ponte Vecchio.

The dress was made! His idea had been realized, managing to make the taste and emotions of coffee perceived through the dress.