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Coffee is a full-fledged art. A gourmet art, made of experience, knowledge, patience and passion that has its best amateurs in Italy. The “coffee cup” is a must in our families, preserving one of the richest heritage of flavors and aromas.

Coffee is one of those pleasures everyone gladly indulges in one or several times a day: to break the monotony, to take a break or to spend some time with friends. Its pleasant flavor is definitely one of the prerogatives coffee lovers cannot renounce to. However, not everybody knows that behind the different flavors (and preferences) of espresso, there are many factors that can mark the higher quality of a kind over another. That’s why “Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze” decided to create the Gourmet Luxury “Wild Nature Supreme Collection” line: to offer extremely charming flavors to your senses.

Coffee plant is cultivated mostly in Latin America, Asia and Africa. We have more than 60 different species, but the most used are just 4: Excelsia, Robusta, Liberica and the much beloved Arabica. In our “Wild Nature Supreme Collection” line, we have selected the best single-origin, manually harvesting the fruits to reduce to zero the risk of having non-perfect beans.

Another important factor to ensure an excellent Gourmet coffee is no doubt the slow and artisanal roasting. At this stage beans are roasted with heat, changing their color from green to brown. The artisanal procedure is longer and laborious, but it ensures an excellent result.

After that, we have the final moment of the tasting. It starts by sipping the coffee from the teaspoon, in order to enhance its characteristics. It has to be sipped slowly, so as to distribute it uniformly in the mouth, allowing the palate to really grasp the aftertaste of each individual single-origin.

Today the choice of the right coffee at the end of the meal is as important as the wine match with food. Actually coffee plays its role in the dishes, offering a gourmet experience: we can have it intense with spicy notes, as some Indian gran-crus, to combine with red meat, or an Ethiopian one to combine with seafood dishes, thanks to its citrus notes.

“Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze” involves you in its emotional journey through the luxury line “Wild Nature Supreme Collection”.

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