CPF founder Alfonso lives near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Each morning he stood on his balcony to marvel at the Old Bridge and the magnificent arches of the Uffizi Gallery.

Every day he asked himself the same question: would it be possible for everyone in the world to enjoy this city’s wonders? The answer was obvious: No. So he began dreaming about how he could bring Florence to them. How could he ensure an unforgettable experience close enough to the real thing?

Then one night he dreamed of a name: Caffè Pontevecchio Firenze.

The next day he began searching for the raw materials to realize this dream. He traveled to four continents and nine growing regions to visit coffee farms. The sight of those plantations, and the people he came to know, made an indelible impression on him, and he became determined to only work with farms that support ethical working conditions, and also to find a way to produce capsules that were 100% biodegradable

Eventually he found a partner with the same principles: coffee production that does not pollute the environment. And through a close collaboration, he was able to realize his dream bringing 100% biodegradable capsules to consumers, capsules made completely of natural grains.

Hence the phrase "nature within nature" was born and continues to guide the CPF philosophy today.

Alfonso put together an expert team of young, talented roasters who enjoy traveling the world in search of the finest raw materials. During these trips, CPF roasters select only those farms that do not use preservatives and pesticides, and work the coffee within 24 hours after cultivation using natural methods. They always return with new secrets.

One year later, CPF’s blends were perfected, and the company focused on its packaging and brand. Today Alfonso is proud to offer consumers an artisanal, luxury coffee and 100% biodegradable capsules. The roasting, cooling and blending process takes place in Florence using traditional Italian methods and processes. Now it’s possible for everyone to taste, or remember, a part of this beautiful city without actually being in it.