Caffè Pontevecchio firenze is driven by passion: passion for coffee, passion for people, and passion for the planet. Italian artisan traditions and more than 100 years of coffee excellence guide our process. Customer satisfaction guides our enthusiasm. Sustainable practices guide our growth. Our artisans have created a new gold standard in coffee: roasts that bring out the subtle nuances of each single-origin varietal, and harmonious blends with distinct taste and aroma profiles that are consistently well-balanced, delicate and velvety smooth.

The CPF difference

Beans are selected by up to four times by growers, wet-processed within 24 hours and reselected in Florence. Capsules are 100% biodegradable. Single-origin beans are roasted and cooled separately prior to blending. A commitment to outstanding personal service. Sustainable and ethical business practices, gender equity initiatives. While aluminum capsules are recyclable, too many of them end up in landfills. Our research and development team has created 100% biodegradable capsules made from natural grains and fully compostable. The deep brown color not only resembles roasted coffee, it seamlessly integrates with the environment. Capsules can be disposed of as organic waste, or even in the ground or garden. We also work closely with growers at CPF farms in four continents and nine growing regions. Selection criteria involve a careful examination of the soil, climate and work conditions to guarantee the highest level of cup quality. Sensory analysis involves a scientific “cupping” technique to evaluate beans for aroma, acidity, taste and tactile balance.

We are committed to the Rainforest Alliance's three pillars of sustainability -environmental protection, social equity and economic viability. We also source coffee through the Colombian Women's Coffee Project. Coffee grown and processed exclusively by women is not only a quality-centered choice; it’s ethical and sustainable purchase.

Human intervention throughout the entire process makes CPF a boutique, artisanal brand of Italian coffee. Our signature blends include 100% Arabica Sinfonya, Black label, Gold label and Decaf. We will also create limited-edition, 100% Arabica blends periodically, and are currently working on our signature coffee machines.

Growing regions and varieties

Colombia: superior Arabica marked by sweet fruit and caramel balanced by nutty undertones, medium bodied with low acidity, smooth and somewhat sweet finish.

Guatemala: strong aromatic Arabica, smooth and balanced, buttery sweetness plays against cocoa and spice, malic acid adds apple-like flavors.

Kenya: 100% Arabica is bold, rich and savory-sweet, with wine-like acidity, extremely well-balanced, intense flavors and aroma with complex and intoxicating black currant undertones.

Brazil: mellow, balanced and noble Arabicas from Santos - sweet, smooth and subtle, medium-bodied, nutty undertones and cinnamon nuance; Minas and Victoria - full-bodied with rich flavor and aroma, nutty, chocolate and some spice notes, perfect for espresso. Ethiopia: The wild coffee trees of Moka Sidano and Moka Harrar - full-bodied, aromatic, notes of apricot; and Moka Dijmah - fruity, full-bodied, and wine-like with incomparable structure.

India: washed Arabica from the northwest -- sweet, light and delicate with low acidity. Kaapi Royale, a superior Robusta with spicy notes of vanilla and pepper, this premium bean is preferred to Arabica 90 percent of the time.

Jamaica: Blue Mountain region, limited production Arabica with low acidity and caffeine content, delicate with a persistent aroma, in demand.

Mexico, San Salvador and Costa Rica: low caffeine content, aromatic, soft and slightly more acidic, well-balanced.

Indonesia: deep, dark and earthy Robusta with a strong and distinct flavor from the volcanic region, low acidity and strong body, rare.